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Access UBS BSM

GST Compliant Property Management Software. We provide solutions that: matches your industry needs; fits organizational goals, requirements and IT infrastructure.

Why Purchase Sage UBS BSM with IQuest?

IQuest Systems Sdn Bhd is an Award Winning Sage UBS Partner and have been in operations for over two and a half decades. We are the oldest and largest Sage UBS Partner in Sabah. We provide sales, support and also software customization. We'll help with:



We will discuss with you on how this System may be a solution for your business.


We will arrange and schedule installation and configuration of your systems.


We will train your staff to be ready to operate and understand the system.


Should you encounter issue, please call or WhatsApp us @ 016-832 5562, help is right here.

Top 6 Reasons Why Sage BSM Is The Choice Of Many JMB's.

Discover why Sage UBS BSM is widely used by Joint Management Bodies in Malaysia.

GST Compliant
Compliant to Malaysian GST standards, ability to map default tax code to Charges, Expenses and Late Charge.

Paperless systemetic storage of database, ensuring easy retrieval of information and tracking of records

Able to re-print cash receipt, print bar-code labels and view reports. All essential information for retail owners

Report Generation
Multi report, from cash receipts, sales, inventory, enquiries and detailed analysis, available at your request.

Security Management
Minimizes physical risks in losing cash and ensure data security by allowing certain database to be viewed by selected individuals only.

Trend Analysis
Provides customer trend analysis with stored historical data, providing insights into customer’s buying trends.


  • Archives records. Retrieval of owner / property details / collection information at a click of a mouse
  • Auto generation of invoices for recurring periodical charges
  • Aging reports for tracking and collection purposes
  • Auto late interest calculation. Accuracy assured
  • Debit and credit note management
  • Vendors payment recording
  • Advanced deposits management


  • Support Malaysian GST Tax Codes.
  • Support of default inclusive or Exclusive Pricing method.
  • Support for Full Tax Invoice.
  • Support for Sage Smart GST. Map default tax code to Charges, Expenses and Late Charge.
  • Support for Online Update for continuous updates with GST changes over time.
  • Support Online License Activation.
  • Support for posting to Sage UBS to complete the GAF and GST-03. Posting are by each invoice details and not a summary posting.


  • Invoice list
  • Payment list
  • Deposit payment list
  • Late charges list
  • Project status
  • Property listing
  • Property transfer listing
  • Property owners listing
  • Outstanding invoice and interest
  • Owner aging
  • Bad debt listing
  • Financial / Insurance /Solicitors details

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